Brian Robison


I was born in April of 1983 to Jimmy and Theresa Robison of Splendora, Texas. Here is an interesting fact: I am named after the movie Brian’s Song, a 1971 movie about the life of Brian Piccolo, a football player with terminal cancer, and the Pro Football Hall of Famer, Gale Sayers, who helps Piccolo through his difficult struggle. In 2008, I married accomplished barrel racer and my childhood sweetheart, Jayme Miller. We have two children, and we make Texas our home.

From a young age all I knew was sports and the outdoors. Growing up in the small town of Splendora, TX you didn’t have a lot of options for extracurricular activities. For me I chose football and baseball at an early age along with fishing and hunting. Sports and the outdoors has nearly consumed every part of my daily life since then. I ended up being one of the top recruits in the state in football and also one of the best throwers in the country coming out of high school. I ended up going on to the University of Texas where I became a national champion on the football field and a highly decorated thrower in shot put and discus. In fact, I was not just one of the best throwers in shot put in the country, but also in the world.

I went on to play Professional Football for the Minnesota Vikings for 11 years and during that time even threw the shot put professionally for a few years. Football has always been the constant for me throughout this whole time, but fishing has always been close by. Growing up fishing ponds, creeks and lakes from the bank was always enjoyable to me. Things changed drastically for me when I purchased my first bass boat in 2012. Since then I have become completely addicted to the sport of bass fishing.

I have always lived my life by what I call the 4 F’s; Faith, Family, Football and Fishing. Now that I have retired from the game of football it has become about Faith, Family and Fishing. Fishing has long been a passion to me and some would even say an obsession. I relish the opportunities to take my son on the boat, fish tournaments, fish with friends, shoot videos fishing, etc. in fact as long as I’m on the water I’m having a good time. I have even geared my “Reel ‘Em In” foundation around fishing. As I move forward from my life as an NFL athlete, the fishing industry is definitely where I want to be.