SKOL Vikings win against Bears

Yesterday was another huge win for our ball club! Not only was it a divisional game, but it was the first time that we were able to have a season sweep of our divisional rival the Chicago Bears in quite a while. Moving forward, we have to get ready for the New York Giants. As a defense we have to continue to do what we did yesterday and that is all 11 guys doing their job and being where they have to be when the call is made. We also have to create turnovers to get the ball back in our offenses hands.  Offensively we have to take care of the ball and sustain and finish drives. We've shown that when we are able to do these things then we can play with anyone in the league.  We can't be satisfied with where we are and having the opportunity to make the playoffs. We need to push hard now and Try to win out so we can win the division and make a strong playoff push. This team doesn't have the attitude to be happy with just making the playoffs, we want to be champions!  We can only do that by working harder, being smarter and being more disciplined than our opponent. we have to outwork, out hit and out run our opponent. Skol Vikes!