7/28 Do you know db?

The fishing community has welcomed me with open arms; it is amazing at what a family the bass fishing community is with one another. At the Bassmaster Classic this year (2015) in Greenville, SC, I got to experience first hand how the family of bass fishing operated when working in the booths of my sponsors. I met a guy that I had heard a lot about, a writer, a true lover of the sport and the sportsmen in bass fishing: Don Barone. Don, of course, first thing lets me know he is a Bills fan, but after talking with him a while, I could see the passion in his eyes for what he does with the sport of bass fishing. Don is one of the founders of Tackle The Storm, which puts fishing rods, reels, and tackle back in the hands of children in areas that have been devastated by tornados. Don is a self-employed writer who travels with the Elite series tournaments, he is working towards having his wife, Barb, travel with him next year. To do this, he has created a really cool mobile app. It is in the Google store and ITunes store, check it out, it is 1.99 (a one time fee) and the proceeds will help put his wife on the road with him. I have the app and would recommend it to you as well. Here is what you look for when you go to the app store:

Check it out! It has some really cool content and is updated frequently!


Also check out Don's Tackle The Storm foundation; they raise money and collect gently used fishing equipment at BASS events and put rods, reels, and fishing tackle in the hands of children who have lost everything due to a storm torn area. This was put together right after the tornados in Alabama. They have since been to Moore, OK, and Arkansas areas hit by huge storms.



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