Reflections from Denver

This past weekend we were able finish up the first quarter of the season; playing the Denver Broncos, unfortunately we came up on the wrong side, losing 23 to 20.  I was very proud of our team, I thought we fought really hard against a very good Denver Bronco team.  On Saturday I was able to get out and go to the Eagle Claw factory, it was quiet an experience.  I was able to see how they make the hooks, everything from treble hooks, crappie hooks up to Trokar hooks.  It was cool to see how they do their shipping, storage, and just run the factory.  I had a blast there with the guys meeting those behind the scenes and have a new found respect for what they do.  I am looking forward the bye week and being able to do some fishing with some friends and coming back to this next 12 game stretch and hopefully give our team a playoff push.