Growing Up on the Water

Brian Robison grew up in Spendora, Texas surrounded by prime bass fishing water. Brian’s father, Jimmy Robison, was an avid fisherman, so naturally Brian took an interest in fishing from a very young age. At about four years old, Brian vividly remembers casting lures with his Dad in the family’s backyard pond in Texas, at least three to four times a week.

As Brian got older, his interest in fishing, specifically bass fishing, increased and it eventually became, as Brian would say, an “obsession” of his. As a teenager, if he wasn’t at school, spending time with his family or playing football, he was almost certainly fishing. Having grown up in Texas, Brian was surrounded by some of the best bass fisheries in the country! At 33 years old, Brian has fished nearly all of the lakes in Texas, but his favorites are Fayette County Reservoir, Lake Fork, Lake Conroe and Lake Houston.



After playing football at the University of Texas, Brian was drafted in the 2007 NFL Draft to the Minnesota Vikings. Even with his exciting NFL Career ahead of him, Brian couldn’t abandon his passion for fishing. This southern fisherman even started fishing the lakes up in Minnesota, which required him to acquire a whole new set of skills. Brian also grew to have a fondness for the northern smallmouth fisheries like Mille Lacs.

With so many fans that idolize Brian as an NFL Football Player, Brian looks to professional anglers and fisherman as idols. Kevin Van Dam, Cliff Croche, Gerald Swindle, Clark Rheem and DJ Rojas are some of Brian’s mentors and fishing buddies.

While Brian does have some experience fishing in competitive tournaments, he still admits that he has a lot to learn! However, once his time in the NFL comes to an end, he surely does expect to expand his competitive bass fishing activities and hopefully join the professional circuit.